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Our Point of View


We believe expensive hardware drives people away from gaming. Many of today’s best games require a $1,500 PC just to run well, not to mention ongoing upgrade costs.

Aside from that, gaming on the PC is complicated as hell! You have to learn the terminology, buy the components and set it up yourself. Buy it, plug it, cool it, overclock it, burn it and replace it. What a hassle!

If that’s not enough, buying games for your PC is just as cumbersome. With so many digital download platforms to choose from, where do you even start?

It doesn’t have to be this complicated.

 Ask any console gamer, and he’ll tell you about the “just works” simplicity he’s experiencing. So why can’t PC gaming be as simple as that?

Well, we believe it can. And it should.

We love gaming, and think everyone should be able to share and enjoy it. All games should “just work” with amazing graphics on any device we already own. By delivering beautiful graphics on your current device, we will have achieved this vision.

That is our mission. It’s the source of our inspiration and our drive. And if that resonates with you, we know you’ll absolutely love Simplay.

What People Are Saying

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Everyone at @Simplay_Gaming is amazing I mean look at them they are extraordinary with what they’re coming up with


@Simplay_Gaming @XCOM @DragonpunkGame @capnbubs All that you guys do is awesome.


UPDATE: Next month we’re sponsoring our 150 #XCOM2 friends for 1 month of .@Simplay_Gaming to premiere our Co-Op mod!