FAQ | Simplay


Here are some common questions about Simplay.



What games are supported?

Well, just about any game. Just treat Simplay just like you would treat a brand new gaming PC. Log in to any of your existing libraries like Steam, battle.net, EA Origins and more to download games you already own or buy new ones.

How does this work?

Simplay is a virtual gaming PC, sometimes called a Virtual Desktop Interface (or VDI). Our lightweight Windows client connects your local device to your virtual PC, that looks like a familiar Windows 10 desktop. From that point on, you just install and run any of your games on the virtual PC. The rendered video is streamed, in real time, to your local device smoothly, and gaming feels as if the game was run locally.

Is this a game streaming service?

Yes and no.

Yes – you install your games on a remote server and stream them, in real time, to your device.

No – Simplay’s virtual PC service is very different from past Cloud Gaming services (like OnLive and the like), in that it supports any game from of your existing game libraries like Steam, Battle.net, EA Origins and more.

Is there a free trial period?


We offer 24 hours of full access – so you could evaluate your virtual PC, and the quality of your connection.

Can I share my feedback with you?

You bet!

We’d love hearing your feedback and what you think we should build next. Head over to our roadmap page to see what we’re working on, or share your feedback with us.


What are the recommended system requirements?

Client Requirements
Windows 7 or newer, 64 bit
250 MB of storage
Intel HD graphics 4000 (2012) or better.

Is my broadband connection good enough for good quality streaming?

A good and stable broadband connection speed is recommended.

A connection speed test is available here (Flash). Recommended values are:


What Regions and Countries are currently supported?

At this time, high quality stream could be supported in the following Countries:



What payment methods are supported?

Currently we support PayPal payments only, with credit card support coming soon!

Can I change or cancel my plan?


You could upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan anytime.

What are the exact hardware specs I’m getting in each of the different gaming plans?

CASUAL plan full specs:

4 vCPUs

8GB Ram

2GB nVidia GRID M60 GPU

100GB Storage


GAMER plan full specs:

4 vCPUs

8GB Ram

2GB nVidia GRID M60 GPU

250GB Storage


PRO plan full specs:

To be announced.

My trial plan has ended, is my PC still saved?


Even after you’ve completed the trial plan, we’ll save your cloud gaming PC for an additional 72 hours. During that time you could simply add a gaming plan and access it freely once more.

After these three days are up, you could still join a gaming plan at any time, but you’ll have to start from a fresh “vanilla” PC.

Still need help? Let us know!

For any other question, write us at: support@simplay.io, or send us a message using the web chat.